About Us

France Roman, Carmen Whelan, Paolo Venturelii, Katherine Uchida, Sophie Crane.

VNT - Venturelli Canada is a division of

Franca  Rhythmic Gymnastics Inc. We are  the exclusive distributor of VNT - Venturelli of Italy in Canada.     Venturelli - the Italian company, which is considered one of the best professional manufacturers of sports gear. Founded by brothers, Venturelli production, now for more than half of a century is developing and constantly improving the quality of it’s products. Today Venturelli specializes in gymnastic disciplines such as: rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, trampoline. The company's motto «M.A.D.E. for champions »: M - movement, A - art, D - design, E – elegance, displays the pursuit of the perfect quality. New engineering solutions and cooperation with well-known athletes helps Venturelli to implement new and innovative ideas to life and implement them in their production. Since 2008, Venturelli is an official partner of the “International Gymnastics Federation” and from 2019  the Official Sponsor  of  Canadian National Team, group and individuals. 

Our Mission

Kamelia Dunavska, Dina Averina, Paolo Venturelli, Adriana Dunavska, Arina Averina.

To offer unique, elegant and high quality products at fair prices.  

Venturelli  is constantly striving to improve the quality of apparatus, shoes and  sportswear through consultation with top international gymnasts and coaches.    

VNT Abassadors

Canadian Natioanl Team and their sponsors, Paolo Venturelli and France Roman, at the 2019 World Cham

Dina Averina - 2017, 2018 and 2019 All Around World Champion; 2018 and 2019 European Champion  

Arina Averina - 2017 Individual World Champion, 2018 and 2019 Worlds medalist. 2019 European Champion

Canadian National Team, Senior and Junior

Katherine Uchida - 2019 Canadian National Champion. 2019 Silver medalist Pan Am Games.

Sophie Crane - 2018 Canadian National Champion

Carmen Whelan - 2017 Canadian  National Champion

Alessia Russo - Italy National Team

Nicole Ruprecht - Austria

Ekaterina Vedeneeva - Slovenia

Caterina Allovio - Italy

Italy, Canada, Portugal, USA, Japan, Mexico National Groups